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Health by Heidi

You deserve to feel great!

I have been training with Heidi for over a year now and the results have been fantastic! My goal was to increase core strength, flexibility, and lose weight. All of those goals have been achieved with workouts personally designed for me by Heidi. I am now able to enjoy a lot more outdoor activities and most notably was able to go from running a couple miles in a workout when I started with Heidi to recently completing a ½ marathon, something I was pretty sure I’d never be able to do when I started Heidi’s program. Thanks, Heidi – it’s been an awesome experience!

Cory S. -- Darby, MT

I have had the pleasure of doing Pilates with Heidi privately for 7 years. The left side of my body has been weakened and I had balance issues from Multiple Sclerosis. I feel that Pilates and Heidi have changed my life. She constantly challenges my left side and my balance. I am doing exercises in Pilates now that previously I could not. She is the best!

Susan B. -- Darby, MT

Heidi is my friend and personal trainer even if most of the time she does not even know it. That is because most of my training comes just from doing so many sports and activities with her. She is the most fit person that I know and she is always willing to share her knowledge on how to improve in a sport, the correct way to work out with weights, benefits from Pilates and stretching, etc. Plus with her knowledge and training in nutrition, she is my go to person. Winter sports, summer sports, training for a special event, or if you just want to get healthy or get in shape, Heidi can provide the expertise and motivation to help you each your fitness goals.

Carol B. -- Darby, MT

I have worked with Heidi almost continuously for a year, mostly to lose weight but also to strengthen my lower back, which has been a source of pain for a decade. Heidi is prompt, loyal, and remembers every quirk of my body as our workouts progress. She's also funny. I like that she keeps thorough records--ever aware of my body's weak spots. And each session is designed to be pain-free.

John P. -- Darby, MT

Heidi's note: John didn't mention that he has lost 20 lbs, improved his lipid profile, and has nearly eradicated his back pain.

Heidi takes the "work" out of working out. Her individualized exercise routines are always physically challenging, yet actually fun. She presents a different set of exercises at each session that combine and enhance strength, balance, and endurance. With her delightful personality, Heidi encourages and inspires her clients to succeed and achieve their physical fitness goals.

Susannah (age 66)--Conner, MT

I have been doing Pilates with Heidi for four years. Working with Heidi has helped me get stronger and greatly improved my endurance. She has also helped me recover from injuries much faster than I would on my own. I always look forward to our workouts and I always feel great when we are done!

Kellie S. --Hamilton, MT

Heidi is not only a friend of mine, she has also been my personal trainer and Pilates teacher. The first thing Heidi does as a personal trainer is to ask what your goals are. She takes the time to get to know your body. Your weak areas and your strengths. She then will work to help you attain those goals. No pressure or criticism. Just professional hard work. I am very lucky to have found my way to Heidi once I moved here.

Julie G.--Darby, MT