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Health by Heidi

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Heidi's World

Heidi's World

Happy Running

Posted on November 29, 2015 at 6:15 PM

Happy Thanksgiving!  We went to the coast of Oregon to spend the holiday with my husband's mom.  There was a gaggle of us: me, my husband, my mom, my aunt and uncle, their dog Nora, Zoey, and my mother-in-law.  We had so much fun.  We hiked and shopped and saw the sights.  The weather was outstanding.  We had planned on rain the entire time we were there because, come on, we are at the Oregon coast.  We did have rain a few nights, but the days were sunny and gorgeous.  The first morning there as I was running with Zoey on the beach... yes, that's right.  I was RUNNING! 

After my self-imposed six week hiatus from running to let my hammy / glute injury heal, I did my first run on the beach with Zoey and her cousin Nora.  I was so excited.  The night before, I told Zoey that we would run in the morning.  She looked at me and wagged.  Morning arrived.  I put on my running tights.  Zoey came into the closet.  I put on my running shirt.  Zoey started wagging her tail.  I put on my running belt.  Zoey perked up her ears.  I put on my running shoes.  Zoey started dancing.  We walked out the door and down to the beach.  It was cool, cloudy, big surf and miles of beach in either direction.  I took a few hesitant steps, going slowly at first.  Zoey and Nora were racing around the beach, towards the ocean and away from it, back to me and then off in front. I picked up speed slowly, letting my muscles stretch and warm and my joints loosen.  Soon I fell into my natural rhythm, slower than I had been running before I took my break but still moving along steadily.  I watched the waves, the seagulls, Zoey and Nora racing around.  I was nervous about my hammy / glute.  I was afraid I would undo all the progress that I had made with the rolfer over the past six weeks.  I did feel a few twinges, but nothing bad.  For the most part it felt marvelous.  My plan was to do three miles, but it felt so good that I did four. 

The next day I ran a faster paced three miles, and realized at the end of the run that my hammy / glute did not hurt AT ALL.  No pain.  The entire time that I was running, not only did I not feel it, I didn't even think about it.  I did another four mile run and another three mile run while we were there and felt great through all of them.  My pace is not where it was before the break but that's ok.  It will come.  My hammy / glute still twinges if I stretch too far, but I can now run pain free.  It no longer aches constantly.  I can sit and stand without pain.  I can walk without pain.  And now, finally, after six weeks of rest and lots of rolfing, I can RUN without pain.  As challenging as the six weeks of rest were, I am glad I held strong to the end.  Running on the beach with Zoey was the perfect way to return.

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